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a Cordel literature treasure hunt @ Nocturne


October 14th at 6pm-12am

Location 1: Halifax Waterfront Chalet 
(1549 Lower Water Street, Halifax)

Location 2: Alderney Landing (Waterfront Shed)
(2 Ochterloney St, Dartmouth)

Location 3: Alter Egos Cafe
(2193 Gottingen St, Halifax)

LOOK UP!! TAKE NOTICE!! MAKE A WISH!! There’s a shooting star in the skies above the 2023 Nocturne Festival! 


Join the Unnatural Disaster Theatre Co. for an enchanted treasure hunt- exploring Halifax after dark as you chase down and collect cordéis filled with the stories and songs of Cadence, an adventurous shooting star! 


With endless drive and curiosity, Cadence shoots across the night sky in a series of encounters in which they take time to observe and learn! Through troubled stories, magical characters, and dreamlike scenarios- Cadence’s journey explores curiosity, empathy, communication and what it is to be human.  


As the city comes alive with art and light-  we welcome our community to explore and find three cordel stands set up across the festival- each with a unique story to offer, a handmade print on the cover (by coreto), and a map with directions to seek out the next chapter! 


Cadence is an immersive multidisciplinary storytelling experience inspired by the Brazilian tradition of literatura de cordel where you can select colourful handmade booklets off a string- and enjoy lovingly crafted poetry, music, and prints (that you get to take home with you)!


In addition to the visual art and text- each cordel will feature a QR code that will lead participants to an accessible transcript of the text, visual description of images, and a fully narrated version of each story with original music which can be enjoyed in the moment or listened to later at home.


We are thrilled to kick off this site specific treasure hunt across the city and encourage folks to be adventurous, follow your curiosity, and take time to notice the magic fizzing all around you. Will you discover all three cordel stands and collect all three chapters of Cadence’s stories?


About Literature de Cordel

Literatura de cordel (clothesline’s literature) is a brazilian popular culture. People would sell the flyers and booklets directly from author to audience and as a means to display the product, they would pin them along improvised clotheslines (cordel, cordéis). This form of literature only became more famous as improvisers (repentistas) would recite and sing the verses from the clothesline to each other, spreading the culture into performance as well. There could be several structures of versed text inside a booklet, or flyer, and the cover would always be woodblock printed. It’s believed that the starting point of cordel literature was in 1893, with the earliest published flyer that had verses by Leandro Gomes de Barros, considered the grandfather of Cordel Literature.

About The Team

Lucas & Logan (the creative duo they affectionately call: LuLo) are friends and multidisciplinary artistic collaborators creating in K'jipuktuk- in the Sipekne'katik region of Mi’kma’ki (colonially known as Halifax, Nova Scotia).


Both graduates of Dalhousie’s Fountain School of Performing Arts, their combined passion for music, movement, and storytelling have led to electric collaboration- including three distinct productions of their most recent project, Hippoposthumous, a site specific musical which saw The Unnatural Disaster Theatre Co. nominated for the 2022 Theatre Nova Scotia Robert Merritt Award for “Outstanding Production by a New or Emerging Company”.

It is LuLo’s mission to create magical, impactful, and accessible immersive storytelling experiences with a strong focus on community care and collaborative creation and are so thrilled to share Cadence at the 2023 Nocturne Festival!

Logan Robins (he/they)

Lucas Hernandes Nascimento (he/they)

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