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Night Sky with Stars

Cadence & The Lighthouse Keeper









Chapter I

Narrator: One looks up and sees a depth that only stars could win,

The moving light of those that speed and gather 


Fed by

movement and 

discovering, such 

curiosity; Thus runs 

Cadence, a shooting speck of dust that never 

ceases glowing!


Cadence noticed an old lighthouse by the coast and though it seemed abandoned, it still flashed with light sometimes.

“What is this place?”

-It’s my house… and the keeper’s too.

-Where’s the keeper? Who are you?

-I’m a star too. The keeper isn’t here.

-What are you doing? [Cadence asked while slowly copying the Old Star’s movement.]

-I’m just… dancing, and listening.

-ooh… I like it

-Me too. You are quite young, aren’t you?

-I think so, but I’m never sure.

-You’re very bright and vibrant.

-You’re very warm and… 

calming. -

[If one could wish on a shooting star, the human that kept the lighthouse would have wished for them to listen to their song of longing.

This is how the Lighthouse Keeper met the Old Star.]


LK: Please just stay a little while longer

Just let me catch a glimpse of your light,

I want to know about your life.

Just once I wish I could say: “hello”.

If only they could 

descend from the sky.

I wouldn’t let the chance slip by.

slip by.

Night falls and I only sit and watch,

Anytime now, they could burst out from the clouds!

There is a line across the sky,

This side is yours and this one is mine.

Oh how I wish I too could fly.

[…the keeper didn’t notice the Old Star approaching…]

-“Hi” they both said at the very same time.

-“Uhm… how are you?!”

 [again one over the other.]


- Good! - Great!

- What are you doing? [the Old Star asked.]

- oh… I just noticed one string was off so I thought… 

[the Keeper mumbled.]

- cool… uhm… I like your song!

- oh, right! Haha… uhm… it’s nice to meet you!

- Okay! Well, I can’t stay for long.

- how come?

- I gotta go. If I 

don’t, my light could soon be gone.

- what do you mean?

- I’ll start to dim. So I gotta keep moving.

- so you can’t stand still for long?

- well… yes.

- I wish you could stay.

- why?

- I don’t know, but I don’t want you to lose your shine.

- I’m curious.

- I guess discovery 

takes time… Oh! How about a dance?

- what is that?

- it could keep you moving but right here!

- sounds fancy…

- well, maybe, sometimes it’s just for fun! You should try it.

- Is it difficult?

- doesn’t have to be.

-Okay, so how do you dance?



Chapter II

-Listen deep, breathing low

Kind of still, back in tow

Side to side, to and fro

Little sway, find your flow

- listen deep… for what? What am I looking for?

- dancing is discovering!


- little sway, back in tow… so dancing keeps your light up? [Cadence asked.]

-It does! But the keeper made me happy and “happy” does it too…

-I sure would like to meet your Lighthouse Keeper, they sound so interesting!

-I’m sorry, you can’t. the keeper was a human and human life is so very short… 

When I left, I stayed; and the human never parted but still came, and that happened many times still. I would’ve never known how humans can be. 

Capable of terrifying and catastrophic or simple and incredibly sweet things.

Many years would pass, 

and when still puzzled by why I kept coming back,

I asked the Keeper and this is what was said:


I don’t have the ambition to hold ownership over you, or anyone.

To not limit you is the best way to show you my appreciation,

That’s my contemplation.

Still I’ll always bear this yearning…

How much of it is ingrained bias, humans are so funny

How come I never heard this growing up?

Always made to feel grateful, to not try to understand enough

I just wanted to rush first and not be judged,

To lead a life of love and show up.

And why do we have to fall in love? I don’t want you to fall in… I’d rather raise you higher because of it!

To get up and keep going

With a heart that’s eager for a kind of homecoming,

Judge not the fact that it never got over being clumsy

Because it keeps jumping and it keeps coming…


I wish you could see yourself through my eyes and believe

All the temperament needed to brave a life of 


Weeding through the leaves,

You have it all and more, 

if only you could hear through my ears…

Life set the rhythm but your heart beats the melody.

The road is harsh, and it may be infinite,

But you walk it 

in harmony, so elegantly.

I know you’ll get where you need to be

And I hope you witness, still, sublime things, 

you see…

Life needs more of that and I want that for you

Even if sometimes it renders hearts downhill tumbling…

and, if life is the greatest lesson in letting go,

Then who knows? 

Just so, love… may be the art of returning.

[Cadence speaks to the Old Star] 

-So why do you remain in the Lighthouse, if the Keeper is gone?

-You know how time is 

weird for us.

We move so fast that sometimes you can even glimpse the past.

Also… I really like dancing. [chuckles]

Which does not make up for the fact that I 

really miss them.

Keeper told me once how they never believed

That could ever a star come down because of their singing,

I get it, but sometimes I look up and I can’t resist,To echo above the words they gave to me...

OS: Please just stay a little while longer...

Just let me catch a glimpse of your light

LK: I want to know about your life

OS: One more time if only you said: “hello”

LK: If only you could descend from the sky

OS: I wouldn’t let the chance slip by

Both: Night falls 

OS: and you only sat and watched- Both: Anytime now 

OS: we could burst out from the clouds. 

C:There is a line across the sky This side is yours and this one is mine…



Chapter III


I stood over the human throughout the process of their death.

The rise and fall of their chest and the cadence of their breath.

What a privilege it was to witness it… even though…

of all our moments together that had to be the last?

Time moves 

oddly for us who were born in a nebula past,

If I move fast enough I can see the echoes of the friendship we had.

Love is different though… time doesn’t (necessarily) factor when it comes into check.

We feel it 

present, whether thinking about 

the future or 

remembering what has long passed

or quests in 

fantastic lands or fields with 

celestial guests, laying in grass and saying yes

no hesitation prompted before an innocent guess 

easy to fake out the obstacles, 

without a strategy, no chess

Just burning mass 

in a bright, 

vibrant mess with the only guide 

being the furious, crass, spontaneity drumming in my chest.

The Lighthouse Keeper is gone but I still feel blessed, maybe that’s the sign that I’m done,

that I’m ready 

for what comes next.

Cadence noticed that the Old Star wasn’t 

swaying anymore ever since the mention of 

nebulas and celestial guests, the Old Star was already 

completely still and her light started to 

diminish quickly from then.

Oh, no…  

[The young star 


searching for words before singing:]

C: Please just stay a little while longer

OS: Just let me catch a glimpse of your light

C: I want to know about your life

OS :One more time if only you said

All: “hello”

C & LK: If only they could descend from the sky

All: I wouldn’t let the chance go by

OS: Night falls and I only sit and watch

C: Anytime now, 

All: we could burst out from the clouds

C:There is a line across the sky

This side is yours and this one is mine…

Chapters 1, 2, and 3 of the story "Cadence & The Lighthouse Keeper" as a part of The Unnatural Disaster Theatre Co, LuLo, and Coreto's project "Cadence" at Nocturne Halifax 2023.

​Cadence has been dreamed up, written and recorded in K’jipuktuk, Mi’kma’ki.Mi’kma’ki is and has always been unceded. It is the ancestral home of the Mi’kmaq.

Created by Lucas Hernandes Nascimento & Logan Robins.

Cast List

Narrator: Maddi Tang
Cadence: Jessie Walker
The Old Star: Alex Naus
The Lighthouse Keeper: Logan Robins

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